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Find a local recruiter by browsing by your state, city and industry. There a phone numbers associated with each recruiter, give them a call as they assist you in the process of finding a job.

Recruiters and recruitment process

When companies look at expanding or filling an existing position they go through the recruitment process.

This Recruitment process usually refers to the process of:

  • sourcing a candidate, usually through posted ads via newspapers or internet.
  • screening them for criminal records, qualification checks, they might meet with the candidate or test them
  • and selecting people make sure they match close to skills, experience as well as matching the companies culture.
  • This process is applicable at most organizations, firms, community groups or even government positions.

    While most organizations have a human resource department, some will provide external one or possibly more of the recruitment process to a specialized third party such a professional recruitment agency although this may be done internally as well.

    As a Job Seeker we would generally come in contact with recruiters when we apply for a related job or sent a resume sourced by a recruiter.

    What is a recruiter?, What do they do?, a recruiter engages in the recruitment process which sources, screens and selects candidates based on a select criteria by the organization. They also may be internal as well as external to an organization.